About me

I’m a research scientist at the Digital Humanities Laboratory of the EPFL, where I work in the Impresso project on methods for text mining and information extraction from a large collection of digitized newspapers. I obtained my PhD at the Digital Humanities department at King’s College London, under the supervision of Prof. Willard McCarty, with a thesis on methods for citation mining of classics Publications. I recently published with Gabriel Bodard an open access volume entitled Digital Classics Outside the Echo-Chamber (Ubiquity Press, 2016).

I’m a Digital Humanities specialist with expertise in the areas of classics, archaeology and history. My main research interests include:

  • natural language processing
  • information extraction, especially their domain-specific applications
  • citation mining and analysis
  • applications of semantic web technologies in the humanities.

Before joining the EPFL I worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Rostock, as a researcher at the German Archaeological Institute, and was visiting research scholar at Tufts University (Perseus project).

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